Changes, constant changes


Things are always changing. Our circumstances change. Our feelings change. People change. Organisations change. The weather changes. My Parkinson’s Disease symptoms change.

Changes can be big or small or somewhere in between, but things don’t stay the same. That can be a good thing.

I’m learning to accept these changes, and in doing so I’m beginning to appreciate the good times more – they might not last – so I need to enjoy them at the time. When things change, I can look back with happy memories, without always wishing for ‘the good old days’. Equally when I’m having a tough time, knowing that things change makes it a bit easier to cope, because it won’t be tough for ever.

People change. I know I’ve changed a lot since I was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In the beginning and for a long while after, I couldn’t stop thinking of myself as no longer me – in my head I was ‘Angela with Parkinson’s’. With some help, eventually I realised I am still me. And I’m just ‘Angela’ who happens to have Parkinson’s, just like I happen to have dark hair.

Although I’m still me, I have changed. I might walk funny sometimes, struggle to write and cut up food and have a host of other symptoms. But I also don’t stress about things the way I used to and I appreciate the small pleasures in life more. I know I will continue to change and I still have a long way to go, but I think I’m changing into a better and stronger version of me.

Currently there’s no cure for Parkinson’s. But with all the research taking place, I’m hopeful that will change one day. Maybe even in my lifetime.

Things are always changing and I’m ok with that.

Addition (7 Oct 2016): I have just added a picture to this blog. It’s a poem by my lovely, creative and talented friend Janice – who I met through our Facebook group – Start Living Today PD. At the time I first shared this blog post, Janice had just been inspired to write this fantastic poem, which very much mirrors a lot of the sentiments in my blog especially the fact that I’m still me. Janice has very kindly allowed me to share her poem ‘But I am still me!’. Thank you so much Janice!

PS – Janice lives in Australia and I’m in the UK!



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  1. Janice Rowan says:

    Your blog on Change truly highlights the challenges and changes that are part of the PD Journey and how through acceptance and understanding we can put strategies into place to either side step or adapt to the limitations or impacts brought by these changes.. In reality parkinsons’s does not become easier over time and while we are still the same person iin essence,, we become stronger throgh this process of change to embrace life and hold on to hope for a future cure. My poem ” But I am stil me!” supports these sentiments of your blog and because of the uncanny connection, unusual circumstances and simultaneous timing of both written pieces, I would like to dedicate this poem to you in gratitude also for the positivity, inspiration and support you continually bring into people!s lives with your sincere and honest sharing of your own journey with PD. Thank you Angela

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