Thinking about ‘gratefulness’

This blog is by Sue, who is a member of Start Living Today PD (the Facebook support group for people with Parkinson’s that I help to run). For those of you who have read my previous blogs about gratitude, you may remember I wrote about our ‘Grateful festive countdown’ – Sue writes about taking part in this and shares her entry…

BobbleHead Nanna

One big thing I’ve become very aware of since having Mr P is the need to be more grateful for the good things in my life…. All sorts of things like friends and family, all the small victories, everything that makes my life manageable and good.

One of the ‘in charge people’ fromthe wonderful PD FB page I belong to challenged us in December to think and write about what we were grateful for in 2016. I found that doing this activity really was worthwhile and I enjoyed the feelings of positivity and gratitude it brought. So much so, that I followed Angela’s advice and find time daily to sit and ask myself … “What are three things I am grateful for today?” Some times I write in my ‘gratitude journal’ and other times I just keep them in my head. I find that I am now looking for the…

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