Parkinson’s – the unwanted extra part


My life is made up of different parts – there’s home life, work, friends, choir and of course there’s Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s is like that extra, unwanted part of my life – that is always there and isn’t going away

It’s like in a song, there are different voices singing different parts. They all need to be in harmony with each other and going at the same speed. In my choir, different parts get to sing the tune, while the other parts are in the background. Whichever part is singing the tune at a particular moment should be the focus, but this can change. So, when I am at work for example, work should be the tune – my focus. While the other parts either carry on quietly in the background – or sometimes take a rest.

However, one part which never takes a rest is Parkinson’s. It’s always there. The best I can hope for is that it stays quietly in the background, under control and doesn’t try to take the tune too often.

Sometimes Parkinson’s throws a tantrum and takes the tune, loudly and off key and at a different pace to the other parts of my life. So, what I need to do when Parkinson’s insists on taking the tune, is make the other parts of my life fit in as best they can. I need to let them accommodate Parkinson’s, so it doesn’t have a tantrum. Rest more, for example. Don’t overdo it at work or at home. Keep the rhythm as steady as possible. So that my whole life isn’t all out of sync. And all the parts are in harmony with each other (as best they can be) – yes, even with Parkinson’s – because it’s not going away and I need to accept that it will sometimes take the tune. The more I can get all the parts of my life to be in harmony, the more peaceful my life will be.


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  1. m32011 says:

    Than you Angela. It’s a good metaphor and one that I will gladly digest to consider Fibromyalgia. Fibro has become the bass note to everything I do – and makes all my rhythms sway away from the moment I am in into pain. From our conversations, you know that I am frightened that if I make it the Tune then it will take over completely … this way suggests a hard won harmony. Yours is a courageous journey! See you in choir tomorrow xxx

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  2. Bill bridger says:

    On note as always Angela. I find it massively frustrating when my Pd tune drowns out sounds that I really want to listen to. If it raises its awful percussion too much, sometimes I’ve found it helpful if I turn up the volume of a different tune, to make the Pd fade into the background. I’ve had a bit of a tricky week, with the wrong tune going round and round, so today I’m going to drown it out with a little fishing trip (my favourite tune)..

    All the best to you x

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