Being open to the unexpectedness of life

A few days ago I was sitting on a beach in Cornwall watching the waves. I could see the big waves approaching, yet every time, it took me by surprise just how big some of them were.

Life can throw all sorts of unexpected things at us. Sometimes these things are big and completely life-changing challenges – being diagnosed with Parkinson’s at aged 36 is one such example in my life.

I’ve learned so much since being given that unexpected diagnosis, three and a half years ago – including being open to the unexpectedness of life. To me, that means trying not to think of everything as fixed in stone and being aware that things aren’t always as they seem, and that things / people / circumstances / feelings can change – sometimes unexpectedly.

It reinforces my choice to work on becoming more resilient, so that whatever unexpected challenges life may bring, I will be able to cope.

On the other hand, sometimes those unexpected things can be positive, such as having one of my blogs published by Healthwatch Essex earlier this year or being invited to write a guest blog for MS-UK, for example. If you’d told me a year ago, that I would even be writing blogs – let alone today writing this my 30th blog – I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been very open to that possibility.

I’m slowly learning to be more open to the unexpectedness of life, and I am grateful for all the positive unexpected events in my life so far.


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