Determination vs acceptance … finding the right balance

There are two things which I have learned over the last year that seem to contradict each other. And I haven’t found a straightforward answer as yet.

One, I need to look after myself and that includes accepting that I can’t do everything I might want to do.

Two, I need to keep stepping out of my comfort zone, in order to grow and become more resilient.

Here’s what I struggle with… how do you know how far out of your comfort zone to push yourself, to try and achieve your goals? And when should you stop pushing and just accept your limitations and look after yourself?

By putting limitations on ourselves, are we holding ourselves back from our potential to achieve something extraordinary?

Being determined and pushing beyond your limits, could allow you to be the one who achieves that extraordinary achievement – which may be at best improbable… but at what expense?

I believe in accepting responsibility for my choices, whatever the outcome may be. For example, fatigue is an issue for me. However, if I want to do something that is really important to me, I will choose to do it, even though I know I will probably feel worse for it afterwards. Even though I rest afterwards, it takes me a while to get back to what is ‘normal’ for me. I often sacrifice doing some things which are lower down my priority list, because I need to use my limited energy wisely.

However, I sometimes wonder if I should be pushing myself more now – while I potentially still can. Parkinson’s is a progressive condition, and as time goes on, maybe I’ll have less choice in what I physically can and can’t do.

I haven’t found an answer as yet.  So for now, I just try to keep an open mind and make the best choices I can. As with many things in life, it’s all about finding the right balance.

Balance flowers



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