Once upon a time 

My last blog touched on the fact that I can no longer play the piano due to my Parkinson’s symptoms. This got me thinking. Yes, there are a few activities that I could do once upon a time – pre-Parkinsons – that I can no longer do and even more activities that I can’t do as easily as I used to – such as baking and writing. However, since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I’ve also discovered activities I had never thought of doing before.

The best example of this is writing. Before I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and even for some time after my diagnosis, I had never considered writing or sharing my story – especially as I’ve always been a fairly reserved and private person. In fact I never even thought of myself as particularly creative before. Even when I plucked up the courage to post my first blog back in September 2016, I never thought that I’d still be writing blogs over a year later. I gradually started to become more open – mostly because I was encouraged by others and I took the attitude that if sharing my experiences through my blog could help even just one person, it would be worth it.

It’s now 16 months later and I can hardly believe that my blogs have had nearly 9000 views in over 50 countries worldwide, or that I would today be writing my 50th blog!

Over this time, I’ve discovered a love of writing, thinking creatively and taking random photos in case they inspire me. Something that I’m not sure I’d be doing now, if I hadn’t been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Because my diagnosis changed me in many ways. It certainly hasn’t been easy, but I’ve learned to accept it and on the way, I’ve learned much more about myself and life. Hopefully I’m a little wiser and more resilient than I was once upon a time – pre-Parkinsons.


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  1. Gary Boyle says:

    Wonderful post Angela. Agree with you completely that since PD entered my life I’ve actually discovered new things about me that I probably wouldn’t have encountered otherwise. Keep writing and keep posting!

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