A helping hand – every small gesture counts

Lessons learned from Parkinson’s, no 6: ‘It’s okay to ask for help. I find it frustrating that I can’t do the things I used to be able to do. I want to do things myself like I used to. I am slowly learning to accept that things have changed. I am fortunate enough to have people in my life who are willing to help me. If only I am willing to ask and let them help me.’

I wrote and shared ‘Lessons learned from Parkinson’s’ some time ago. I was recently reminded of lesson no 6 by one of my friends (also a colleague) who offered me a helping hand to count up the money we’d raised at work for Parkinson’s UK on World Parkinson’s Day. I gratefully accepted her offer of help.

Pre-parkinsons, after counting the money, I would have done the rest myself easily with little thought – by that I mean filling out the fundraising form and writing the address on the envelope. Even though I now often struggle with these simple everyday tasks due to Parkinson’s, I would still ordinarily have done this myself – with some difficulty and very slowly. But that day, the stiffness in my hand was particularly bad and I knew that it would take me quite some time, and that my writing would still be tiny and probably barely legible. So I asked my colleagues (who are also my friends) to help. Of course they were more than happy to help. Job done – in a fraction of the time and with a fraction of the effort that I would have needed to use.

Sometimes lessons need to be reinforced. It really is ok to ask for help. I am very grateful to have so many people in my life who are willing to help and support me. Thank you to my friend who inspired this blog with her helping hands and to everyone who has helped, supported and encouraged me.


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