Resolutions… Not just for new year

I’m not really one for new year’s resolutions. Some time ago, I read an article which suggested that rather than making new year’s resolutions, you choose a word to focus on for the year. I’ve been doing this for a few years – my chosen words have included: gratitude, bold and open.

After attending the Fighting Fit pilot last weekend (a residential programme for working age people with Parkinson’s), I came away with follow up actions – mostly focussed on doing exercise which targets my Parkinson’s symptoms. So my plan was to find something aerobic to get my heart rate up and something more gentle such as Tai Chi.

My real motivation came when it was spelled out LOUD and clear over the weekend that targeted exercise is absolutely essential for someone with Parkinson’s like me. Although I walk quite regularly and quite fast (most of the time), it just isn’t enough. My motivation is to be ‘Fighting fit’ in my daily life with Parkinson’s. I was also motivated and inspired by the others taking part in the Fighting Fit weekend – all of whom were inspiring in different ways.

So feeling motivated, inspired and determined, this year I’m making an Autumn resolution – or rather I’m choosing to focus on the word ‘exercise’. I’ve made a start by going to a Zumba class today. I’m not at all confident when it comes to any form of exercise. I’m also not particularly co-ordinated and having Parkinson’s doesn’t help. In fact it makes my movements slower and more difficult. However I gave it a go! And I actually sort of enjoyed it – once my meds kicked in and I got into it. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing all the movements right, but I was moving and I definitely got my heart rate up. And I’ve signed up to keep going once a week. Hopefully I will get better with repetition and practice.

I am determined to keep going. Exercise is now my word to focus on and not just for this season. I need to keep thinking of exercise as a form of treatment, alongside my medication. And of course it will be good for me all round – not just for my Parkinson’s.

As Peter, a member of the Fighting Fit team said at the close of the programme, the real success from the Fighting Fit weekend will be if as a result of the programme, we – the participants – make changes to our lives that are still having a positive impact in six months time. I’m keeping that in mind as my target. In six months time and beyond, I’m determined to still be doing some form of regular exercise which targets my Parkinson’s symptoms – thus helping me to live better with Parkinson’s.


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  1. Elizabeth Bennett says:

    Can I just say I think you are awesome. Good luck with the exercise. I hope over time something suitable turns into something you can really enjoy and that you meet some good people through it too (personally I find it is the people that keep me going back to anything week on week year on year).

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  2. Trish Cohen says:

    Hey Angela, I enjoyed reading your blog. I felt very inspired by you this week with our walking pilgrimage. You have so much strength and courage when tackling the sometimes steep and challenging walks we did. I think you are fighting fit! Love Trish

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