Don’t stop me now… Fighting Fit – three months on

It’s been three months since I attended the *Fighting Fit pilot weekend. While it was a brilliant weekend in many ways, the main thing I took away from that weekend was that I need to be doing more regular exercise which targets my Parkinson’s symptoms. I made a resolution to myself to start exercising more. and I started going to a regular Zumba class the week after Fighting Fit. That in itself is a big deal for me because I am not co-ordinated and I find most types of exercise difficult. Having Parkinson’s has made my movements slower and even more difficult than before.

This weekend for the first time since I started my class, I was really close to not going “just this once”. I was so tired, my symptoms were bad, and it was really cold and I could so easily have stayed in my warm cosy bed, especially after another busy and challenging week. Even though I know “just this once” is a slippery slope, I still nearly made that choice. However something that stuck with me from the Fighting Fit weekend is this idea of thinking of ‘exercise as medicine’. I wouldn’t not take my medication just because I didn’t feel like it or couldn’t be bothered, so I shouldn’t let this stop me from exercising. Thanks to Fighting Fit, I now truly understand that exercise is as important as medication for Parkinson’s which is pretty good as far as motivation goes.

So I went to my Zumba class, and yes my movements were slower and I couldn’t keep up or do all the moves, but I was there trying and doing my best. And that is all any of us can do.

I never thought I would say this but it’s slowly getting a little bit easier as each week goes. I still find it challenging, but I am determined to keep going.

Another thing I remember clearly from Fighting Fit is Peter (one of the Fighting Fit team) saying towards the end, the real success from Fighting Fit will be if as a result of attending Fighting Fit, six months later, we, the participants have made positive changes to our lives that are still having an impact. Three months later, and we’re half there. I’m determined to still be exercising regularly in another three months and beyond. I’ve just stated this in public now, so if I needed any more motivation, there it is.

Thank you so much to the Fighting Fit team and my fellow Fighting Fit 2018 alumni. Without you I wouldn’t have started my Zumba class three months ago, let alone still be going. Thanks also to Parkinson’s UK for supporting Fighting Fit and thank you to my Zumba teacher Zarina for your support and encouragement.

*Fighting Fit is a weekend residential programme for working age people with Parkinson’s, supported by Parkinson’s UK. There are three weekends taking place this year. For more information visit:

You can read my experience of Fighting Fit, in my Fighting Fit blog.

For more information on Parkinson’s and the importance of exercise visit the Parkinson’s UK website at:


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