Look carefully

A lost pair of glasses in a park. They could have so easily been trodden on and broken. But instead there they were hanging on a low tree branch. I assume someone found them and very thoughtfully put them on the branch to keep them safe and hopefully in view in case the owner might come looking for them. I could easily have walked past them without noticing too. But they somehow caught my eye.

Lost glasses. I wear glasses too and I would be lost without them. I am reliant on my glasses to see any sort of distance. I would also be completely lost without my medication. I’m grateful for my medication which help to ease some of my many Parkinson’s symptoms, allowing me to have a reasonable quality of life.

However, Parkinson’s is a progressive condition and current medications only help with symptoms. They can’t stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson’s. I am very grateful for the many people and organisations worldwide – including Parkinson’s UK and the Cure Parkinson’s Trust in the UK – working to find better treatments and hopefully one day, a cure for Parkinson’s.

In the meantime, I remain reliant on my medication, and at the same time, I will continue to exercise regularly (“exercise is medicine“), and keep working on my resilience – so I can cope with any challenges life throws at me. In addition, I am very grateful for all the empathy and support from those around me – from offering to write things down for me to putting away my chair after choir or helping to pack my shopping bag. It’s the small things that count. Just like the thoughtful person who carefully placed the glasses on the tree branch, who could so easily have not even seen them. It’s amazing what small things you can see and do to help others, and what a difference it can make.



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