Why we’re walking for Parkinson’s

Like many others, I watched the BBC documentary – The Parkinson’s drug trial: A miracle cure earlier this year. I found it extremely emotional watching, especially as I have Parkinson’s myself. I have so much admiration and respect for the brave participants and their families and all of the team working on this trial. It reminded me how grateful I am for all those people who are doing so much to find better treatments and a cure for Parkinson’s. And that prompted me to think I need to help in some way – so a few months later, here I am with just a few days to go before I take part in my first walk for Parkinson’s.

I’m also very grateful to my lovely, supportive friends Gemma, Claire, Angela K (aka Ange to avoid confusion), Sarah and Bridgett who will be walking with me. Gemma, Sarah and Claire are also my guest bloggers this week, sharing why they will be walking for Parkinson’s…

Gemma: I am walking with Team Angela to show people living with Parkinson’s – including my brave and lovely friend – that they are not alone.

Sarah: I’m walking for Parkinson’s UK with Team Angela to support my friend and all those affected by this devastating condition; to raise as much as possible for a great cause and to give hope that a cure can be found.

Claire: Why am I walking for Parkinson’s? Simply for my inspiring colleague & good friend Angela. I simply cannot imagine the reality of the emotions & fear you must go through when diagnosed with an incurable, life-changing & progressive disease. I want to play a part in taking the ‘I’ out of ‘illness’ & replace it with ‘we’ for ‘wellness’. While I wish I had more control of finding a cure that would result in my amazing colleague’s ultimate ‘wellness’, what I can control is helping Angela realise she is not alone so that, together, ‘we’ can raise as much money as possible to help develop life changing treatments that will put an end to Parkinson’s.

Thank you to my guest bloggers Gemma, Sarah and Claire. I’m so touched by your words. And thank you to all of you walking with me – in all honesty, I don’t think I would have signed up to walk for Parkinson’s on my own. It means a lot to me that we’ll be walking for Parkinson’s as a team.

So that’s why we’ll be walking for Parkinson’s this Sunday (7 July 2019) at Hyde Hall (Chelmsford). Please sponsor us if you are able to and help us to raise as much as possible for Parkinson’s UK:
Thank you!


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