Parkinson’s is… Something we need to fight

This year I have been struggling with my Parkinson’s symptoms as my Parkinson’s progresses. I felt like I was in a constant daily battle with Parkinson’s which was quite honestly, exhausting. Although I know I am not alone, as I am one of millions of people worldwide living with Parkinson’s, and I have lots of support from those around me, I still sometimes felt like I was on my own in my daily struggles with Parkinson’s.

Something which really touched me, when my friends shared why they were walking for Parkinson’s in my last blog, was that both Gemma and Claire wanted me to know that I am not alone.

This feeling of not being alone continued, as our walk for Parkinson’s approached last Sunday, and our sponsorship amount grew and grew – way beyond our expectations. I was – and still am – so very touched by and so grateful, for everyone’s generosity – from my close family and friends, to friends I have almost lost touch with, to my colleagues and members of my choir. When the day of the walk finally arrived, I again felt like I wasn’t alone in my fight with Parkinson’s – as I was walking with my friends. I may have been the only one in my group with Parkinson’s, but they were with me all the way, walking for Parkinson’s. And of course we were joining others that day at Hyde Hall who were also taking part in the walk. Beyond that there are lots of people taking part in walks for Parkinson’s across the country.

I’m delighted to say that my friends and I raised over £1750 for Parkinson’s UK.

Living with Parkinson’s is not easy, but being able to do something to help fight Parkinson’s, and having such supportive friends joining me, and receiving so much support in sponsorship is amazing! Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored us. Your support means so much to us. And thank you again to my friends – Gemma, Claire, Angela K, Sarah and Bridgett – for walking with me and letting me know I am not alone.

Parkinson’s is … unwanted. But it’s also something that many of us are fighting in many different ways. And together, one day we will win.

One way that you can help to fight Parkinson’s is by supporting the work of Parkinson’s UK. For more information visit:


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