A different world

Last month in my blog about hope I wrote: ‘My hope for 2020 is that I will be better able to cope with whatever challenges life throws at me – Parkinson’s or otherwise’. When I wrote those words, I never imagined that ‘otherwise’ would be a world challenge like Coronavirus. Never say never. It somehow seems impossible that was only five weeks ago. So much has changed across the world since then. And the changes happened – and are still happening – at such speed.

Like everyone else across the world, I’m facing massive changes and uncertainty to my normal way of life with the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s like we’re living in a completely different world to the one we were living in just a few weeks ago. I still have my daily challenges of living with Parkinson’s but somehow they seem insignificant compared to the enormous growing challenges we now face globally. I need to draw on every bit of resilience I have, to find a way to cope with the new challenges of living in this new world.

Where to even begin? I think ‘hope‘ is a good place to start. Because hope gives us the motivation we need to take positive actions towards our goal. And when that goal is a world goal to fight Coronavirus, we can all do our bit by practicing good hand hygiene and doing our best to look after ourselves and protect others and look out for each other’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Two things which help me to look after my mental wellbeing – are blogging and singing. I have shared this in a previous blog, but it seems apt to share it now – so here is my choir, alongside two of Gitika’s other choirs, singing ‘Keeping Faith’ by Gitika Partington last summer: