All at sea and sharing a single sky

When music strikes a chord. And inspires blogs.

All at Sea. Single Sky. Two songs which I’ve been singing with my choir recently – both by our Musical Director Gitika Partington’s band 3 Bucket Jones. Both of which struck a chord with me over the last few years – in fact they both inspired blogs. Two very different blogs capturing a snapshot of my life with Parkinson’s at the time of writing. I wrote ‘We share a single sky’ just after World Parkinson’s Day 2018 and ‘Shipwrecked’ just few months later, after a particularly challenging few months.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to sing these beautiful songs again with my choir (albeit in a different way, ie virtually due to the Coronavirus pandemic). They seem to sum up what has been a very difficult and dare I say – unprecedented – year so far for all of us.

For me, one of the effects of lockdown and restrictions, I believe, is that my Parkinson’s symptoms and side effects of medication have been all over the place this year. Often leaving me feeling lost, discombobulated and all at sea. I imagine I’m not alone in feeling this way since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic. Lockdown. Isolation. Restrictions. This pandemic has affected every part of the world. None of us can escape the effects this pandemic has had – and will continue to have – on our health (both physical and mental), our economy, our way of life. The events of this past year are a reminder that wherever we are in the world, whatever our circumstances, whatever our differences – we’re all living in the same world and sharing a single sky. If ever there was a time, we all need to be united and have hope for the future, it’s now… And on that note, I’d like to share one of my favourite quotes:

“Everyone tells us, it’s gonna turn out fine. They say it’ll turn out in the end.
All we know is we share a single sky, In love, in faith, in hope my friends.”
Single Sky by 3 Bucket Jones

The Dialing Tone Chorus‘ video of Single Sky has just been released:

Huge thanks to our amazing Musical Director Gitika Partington, 3 Bucket Jones, Bob Karper – who produced the video and Jo Healy for coordinating things.

We’re currently working on All at Sea. Watch this space… And in the meantime, you can watch 3 Bucket Jones singing All at Sea:


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  1. m32011 says:

    Thank you Angela! Your blogs always strike a chord 🥰 Sorry – I have only just worked out how to follow you here but now I can get direct notifications for new blogs 😘

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