Handwriting, hope and homework

Today (23 January) is National Handwriting Day. The aim is to encourage us to put pen to paper and write down our thoughts. I’m not quite putting pen to paper as I write this blog, but I did put pen to paper this morning as I started my homework for this week. Yes, that’s ‘homework’ as opposed to ‘home working’ (which I am also doing). It’s like being at school again, and the skill I am learning is handwriting.

You might well be wondering why I need to learn how to write, I’m writing this blog after all, surely I already know how to write? Well, I did learn to write years ago at school but my writing has shrunk and is now tiny, scrawly and pretty much illegible most of the time. Plus I find it really difficult to write, and I write painfully slowly. This small writing is one of my many Parkinson’s symptoms, and it even has its own name – Micrographia.

For 2021, I decided to keep ‘Hope’ as my word of the year. I have a lot of hopes for this year. Many of the things I hope for are things I have a very limited amount of control over. In terms of living with Parkinson’s, I am grateful that towards the end of last year I was told that I had passed the assessments required and am eligible for Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery. I was given a tentative date for surgery for this spring, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it has been postponed. I hope that I will still be able to have the surgery at some point this year, and I hope it will be successful and give me a better quality of life. However, in the meantime, there is one hope I have for this year that I do have more control over. I hope to improve my handwriting.

It would be great if writing was just a bit easier for me, so that the thought of being asked, on the spot to fill out a paper form by hand, didn’t make me feel anxious, if instead I could feel confident when faced with this (simple for most) task.  Being able to write with ease and having legible handwriting are things I used to take for granted. It’s been so long since I wrote effortlessly, I can’t remember what it feels like. However, I have hope…

I’m very grateful that thanks to Let’s Combat Micrographia and Parkinson’s Care and Support UK I am taking part in the first Let’s Combat Micrographia virtual workshop course being run in the UK. The course has just started, but it has given me real hope that I will be able to achieve my goal of improving my handwriting.

There’s homework set every week and I know that it will be A LOT of hard work and effort on my part, but I am determined to achieve my goal. So, on that note, I’m off to do more homework. I’ll no doubt be blogging again about handwriting, so watch this space!


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  1. martin says:

    Keep it up, I can start feeling my muscles complaining, so something is happening 😉

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