Writing: A Creative Challenge

Last month, I entered the first Let’s Combat Micrographia writing competition for people with Parkinson’s – submitting a story which included over 25 words from a list of 50 words. My story was over 360 words, it was handwritten and my writing was actually legible! And it was much bigger than it used to be.

Just a few months before, I never thought that I would be able to write more than even a couple of lines of text legibly. I thought that my tiny, scrawly and pretty much illegible handwriting was just one of my Parkinson’s symptoms that I had to live with. I just accepted that I couldn’t write properly, and every attempt at writing was so difficult, I pretty much avoided handwriting.

When I discovered that Parkinson’s Care and Support UK were providing an opportunity to take part in the first Let’s Combat Micrographia course in the UK, I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to sign up for. The prospect that I could improve my handwriting was a revelation to me, something which excited me. It gave me hope and something positive to focus on during these challenging times of lockdown. Suddenly, something which I didn’t think was possible before became an achievable goal.

It was a lot of hard work, but I’m proud to say that I completed the course and that my handwriting improved dramatically. I am so grateful to Creative Neurology (who run the programme) and Parkinson’s Care and Support UK for giving me this opportunity to improve my handwriting.

Following the course, I knew that in order to maintain my bigger and more legible handwriting, I would need to continue to practice my writing and I was determined to do so.

It’s now a month since I completed the course and I have been continuing to practice my writing several times a week. As Parkinson’s Awareness Week (11-17 April 2021) approaches, I am keen to support Parkinson’s Care and Support UK. So, inspired by the Let’s Combat Micrographia writing competition, I have set myself a creative writing challenge and I need your help…

My challenge to myself is to write a sponsored story or blog which includes a word chosen by each of my sponsors. I am asking for donations to Parkinson’s Care and Support UK (PCSUK) and inviting everyone who sponsors me to choose a word which I will include in a handwritten story or blog to be published on my blog site this summer.

If you would like to support me in this challenge, please donate via the link below. Please include your chosen word in your donation message or send it to me directly by 17 April 2021. Thank you!

Make a donation: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/angela-w1

More information:

About Micrographia

Parkinson’s Care and Support UK

Let’s Combat Micrographia


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