“Everyone you meet is facing a battle you know nothing about.
Be kind. Always.”

Robin Williams

I once had a hospital appointment that I was quite anxious about. When I arrived, there was a security guard outside the door who told me to ring the buzzer. I rang the buzzer and waited. Then another member of hospital staff arrived and used his fob to go in. Of course, I should have followed him in, but in my nervous and anxious state, I didn’t. The security guard started to have a go at me for not going in. I ignored him at first, but he raised his voice asking if I understood, and continued to have a go at me shouting “Why did you not go in?”. At that point, I could easily have burst into tears, but somehow I found some courage and despite the fact that I was shaking and stammering, I turned around and looked him in the eye and said “I’m a bit nervous ok, so please don’t shout me.”

At this, he stopped immediately, and I turned away from him, and rang the buzzer. The member of staff who had just gone in came out, and this time I went in.

I was so upset, and still shaking and almost in tears, but I took some deep breaths, absolutely determined not to dwell on it. I was about to go through what I already knew would be an uncomfortable procedure and I had to stay focused on getting through that.

I was so very grateful that the staff who carried out the procedure on me, were so very gentle and patient with me, and most of all – kind, in complete contrast to the security guard. Encouraged by their kindness and understanding, I managed to get through the procedure, despite the fact that I found it very difficult.

How much difference it makes when people are kind. Sometimes for all sorts of reasons, it can be hard to be kind, but at the very least, even if you can’t be kind, just choosing not to be unkind could make all the difference.

“People will forget what you did. People will forget what you said. But people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Maya Angelou



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  1. Marie Page says:

    Thank you for this, totally agree , I had a similar experience when visiting my 51 yr old husband in hospital after he had a stroke …yet others were very kind. I was trying to get into the X-ray department to see him and got a blunt ‘well why don’t u go round to the other door’ … I did not know there was another door ! Thank you for your stories I follow them because my Dad has Parkinson’s , best wishes to you.

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