Chasing bubbles

I was recently trying to take photos of bubbles floating about in the air before they burst. There were so many beautiful bubbles but each time I never quite seemed to capture them all. I guess what we’re trying to do in taking photos, videos, any kind of recording is to capture a happy moment in time so it helps us to look back and remember how we felt at that time.

My energy levels are less than they used to be now – one of my many symptoms of Parkinson’s. It was a hard lesson to learn, and I’m still learning in all honesty, but I now try to focus my energy on those things which are important to me. Every moment is precious – especially those moments when my meds are at their peak – as they don’t last that long. I take one of my meds approx every 3 hours and for me it properly peaks in the middle – on a good day. So I try to appreciate all the good things in my life and really enjoy the precious joyful moments in time. Before the bubbles burst. There’s limited life in a bubble as there is currently limited effectiveness of meds for Parkinson’s. At some point, my meds are likely to become less effective and I’ll have to adapt – new doses, different meds, different quality of life. But for now, I try to make the most of what I have now. And treasure those memories. They keep me going through the more challenging times.

Life is constantly changing whether we’re ready or not – those bubbles can burst. So it’s important to appreciate every happy moment in the here and now.

Bubbles collage



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