Being part of a team

I watched an interview on TV with Gareth Southgate recently, about England’s quarter final win over Sweden in the World Cup 2018. He talked about the hard work and dedication of the whole team, not just those who actually played in that match. That really struck me. Every member of a team is important.

My team at work was recently shortlisted for an award. (We didn’t win but it was nice to be shortlisted.) I was asked to represent my team at the awards ceremony. It meant a lot to me to represent my team and that my team was shortlisted. Since I’ve been diagnosed with Parkinson’s, I’ve reduced my hours at work, so I now work part time and I’m also not able to do all the tasks I used to do at work because of my Parkinson’s. My team have been so supportive. It’s really important to me that even with Parkinson’s, I can still make a contribution to my team. That’s what good teams do – they play to each member’s strengths and weaknesses, and they support and encourage each other through the challenging times and enjoy the happier times together. Each member of a team has an important part to play in the team as we’re all unique and bring something different to the team. We can all learn from each other. While we’re all different, we’re united as a team.

I’m grateful to be part of several teams in my life which includes not only my team at work which is part of a bigger team of our organisation, also my family and friendship teams. Not forgetting of course my choir (The Old Bishops Community Singers) made up of our different parts – my sub team is team soprano. I’m also grateful to have been part of various other teams during my life including school teams, university teams and Student Cross and the various leg teams, and last summer on holiday – the joyful choir.

Thank you to everyone who is or has been part of any of my teams. Being part of a team – in whatever form – is an important part of life.


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