Doing things differently and doing different things

I am slightly bemused by the fact that somehow I have three virtual things in my diary on one day next week. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t feasibly be able to fit all of these in, with the travel time. I also probably wouldn’t have signed up for two out of the three, under normal circumstances. But, with the Coronavirus pandemic, we’re all living in a completely different world and doing things very differently.

One thing that many of us are doing differently is using video communications. I’m not usually keen on this, as I feel self-conscious and awkward.  However, now is the time to do things differently. And to try different things. There are so many opportunities to try out new activities online.

During this lockdown, it’s so important that we all look after our mental and physical health. So to help me with this, I have stepped cautiously into into the world of video communications.

The first thing I’ve signed up for is a short course on Hope. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to sign up, because it is so apt – hope being my word for this year – chosen before the Coronavirus pandemic really hit the UK.

Secondly I have just started an online class ‘Mindfulness yoga’ for people with Parkinson’s. It’s early days, but so far so good and I am grateful to Parkinson’s Care and Support UK for offering this (and other) online exercise classes.

The third thing in my diary on my virtually busy day next week, is a digital choir session with my choir leader Gitika Partington. Now, choir is the one thing I would have signed up for under normal circumstances. But videoing myself singing on my own, is not something I would do normally. Like I said, I feel self-conscious. And I’m out of my comfort zone. I’ve been recording myself singing for my other choir for three weeks now, so I am getting used to recording my voice and listening back to it. Though I found that difficult at first. It’s so strange singing just your part, on your own with a backing track. I feel my voice is very exposed. The perfectionist in me, meant I kept re-recording each song, until I was satisfied or too tired to do it ‘just one more time’. Anyway, I digress. Audio, I am getting more comfortable with, but videos is a different matter. However, I did my first video (only did it six times). Hopefully it will be ok when edited and put together with all the other videos. I may not be stepping out of my house much these days, but I’m certainly stepping out of my comfort zone with the singing videos. Sometimes it’s good to try doing different things.

Watch this space for the first video from Gitika’s digital choir…

In the meantime, it seems apt for me to share this next song I’m working on as part of Gitika’s digital choir – Video killed the radio star …


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  1. Trish says:

    Thanks very much for sending me a link. It really resonates what you are writing. Especially about this switch to video communication and it being a challenge to get used to. You are such a courageous person – I admire you so much. I’m praying we can all meet at boarbank again soon….Love Trish x

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